Boost conversions by predicting what your customers will see

With ScreenLab's cutting-edge technology you can:
Predict where customers' attention is drawn
Remove guesswork and subjectivity
Embrace data-backed design decisions

Our powerful tools unlock a world of understanding to enhance your designs and drive successful outcomes.

We help product teams, marketing agencies, and conversion optimization specialists gain valuable insights into how customers interact with their products. 

The Science Behind ScreenLab

Our proprietary algorithm, fueled by data from eye tracking studies, psychology, and neuroscience research, empowers you to make informed design choices. Discover the fascinating science that sets ScreenLab apart.

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Understand what your customer will see

Heat maps are a visual representation of user attention. Identify the hottest areas that command attention, leading to an optimized user experience.

Ensure Key Information Gets Noticed

In the realm of Dark Zones, make certain that your essential content and calls to action stand out. Optimize for impact and guide users to conversion-centric elements.

Maximize Conversions

Don't let your critical elements get lost in the fog of design. ScreenLab ensures users see what matters most, enhancing your conversion rates and ROI.

Uncover In-Depth Insights with Quantitative Metrics

ScreenLab's unique set of metrics opens up a world of possibilities to enhance your UI and delight your users.

Craft Successful User Journeys:

Drive visitors to the right areas of your pages by understanding flow and balance.

Achieve Impactful Designs:

Let data guide your design choices for the perfect blend of punch and subtlety.

Optimize User Interface Simplicity:

Achieve clutter-free designs that capture your users' attention effectively.

Rapidly test design variations. 
Put an end to subjective arguments.

Use ScreenLab to test design mockups and get immediate results. Compare variations and make data based decisions. Avoid getting bogged down in subjective discussions and costly mistakes

Test Everything, 
Optimize Anywhere

ScreenLab's versatility extends beyond desktop web testing. Effortlessly optimize for responsive design, apps, and more, ensuring a seamless experience across all platforms.
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How it works

Test a URL

Just paste a website link, and ScreenLab will quickly analyze what grabs your users' attention. Discover valuable insights to optimize engagement.

Upload an image

Want feedback on a specific design or element? Upload an image, and ScreenLab will reveal user attention details for your visuals.

Use our API

Seamlessly integrate ScreenLab's powerful features into your own workflow or product with our API access.

Rapid Optimization with ScreenLab in Your Agile Process

Embrace the power of agile optimization with ScreenLab's immediate, tangible feedback. Make confident design decisions without wasting time.


Unlike conventional eye-tracking studies, see the impact of your changes instantly.


Say goodbye to costly volunteer payments; ScreenLab fits your budget, no matter the scale.


Our visual maps and powerful metrics translate into direct, actionable insights for your designs.

ScreenLab: Where Art and Science Collide

ScreenLab's remarkable processing engine even appreciates art! Discover how we applied our technology to famous paintings, unveiling stunningly similar patterns to actual eye-tracking studies.
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